Marc Stier

Democrat for State Representative

Working Together to Build Strong Communities

Serving our Communities-Overview

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Northwest Philadelphia needs a State Representative who will be a vigorous and engaged advocate on our behalf.

Many citizens do not realize that State Representatives are the political leaders closest to the people. Their districts are much smaller than City Council Districts in Philadelphia. (City Council members have about 250,000 constituents. State Representatives have about 60,000) Our State Representative should be the first person you turn to when you need help from government. And our State Representative should be actively involved in every aspect of life in our communities.

If you elect me as your State Representative, you will have every once of my energy at your disposal—and I have been blessed with a lot of energy. You will see at your civic meetings and on your streets, at your schools and in your own homes. By the time my first term ends, I will be so much a part of the life of your par of Northwest Philadelphia that you will think I live just down the block.

Connecting with the District

Our State Representative should have a strong voice, close relationships community and civic associations, religious leaders, non-profits organizations, businesses, and other elected officials, and an effective staff. We need a Representative who will take the lead in recognizing problems and finding solutions to them. We need a Representative who helps everyone in the Northwest work together for the common good.

Bringing State Resources to our Communities

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has wide variety of programs that support the projects and services that can build better communities. Playgrounds, parks, job training programs, senior centers, after-school programs, community organizations, non-profit groups and businesses are all eligible for state assistance of different kinds. But to get them, resources, we need a State Representative who will find out what is available and fight for our fair share.

We also need a Representative who will also protect what we have. The greatest threat to the 198th District right now is the loss of our public transportation lines, the R8 train and the C bus and others. I have been fighting for the R8 for the last nine months and will do so even more effectively as your State Representative.

Helping Constituents

A State Representative also has to serve individual constituents who have problems getting the government to respond to their concerns. Most often a State Representative will help with problems in state government. But they should be knowledgeable about the City of Philadelphia and the Federal Government as well. As a civic leader in Mt. Airy, I have worked with our Councilwoman, Donna Reed Miller, and other members of City Council. I have worked with Congressman Fattah. I won’t need training time to serve the citizens in Northwest Philadelphia. I am ready to go to work for the 198th District right now!

Major Developments

There is, however, one area to which I want to give some special attention, because it has the potential to benefit all of us. The 198th district has a potential gold mine in it, if only we had leadership that could see it. There are empty, dilapidated factory buildings on both sides of Wissahickon Avenue at Hunting Park Avenue as well as a great deal of vacant land. Right now, this is a decaying area. But the potential for development is enormous. One job of our State Representative is to dream about what Northwest Philadelphia can be, and then work to realize that dream.

This year, vote for a State Representative can who provide leadership on issues big and small every single day.