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Films and Readings
Examination 1 Questions
Examination 2 Questions

In general we will see a film on Tuesday and then discuss it together on Thursday.

The reading for the course has two parts. For each film that we see we will read four or five reviews of the film that appeared in popular newspapers and periodicals soon after it was released. Our object here is not only to examine some critical writing about the film but also to learn something about the immediate response to the film. The second part of the reading will consist in one or more longer essays on the film and/ or the director we are considering each week. The reading will be contained in a course packet available at Copywrite.

Students will take mid-term and final essay examinations. Students will also complete a 10 to 15 page paper that analyzes in some depth one of the films discussed in class or, with the permission of the instructor, another American film.

            Class Participation                                 15%
            Midterm Examination                             25%
            Paper                                                       30%
            Final Examination                                   30%