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Lecture Outline Instructions
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These outlines contain copies of the overhead slides and transparencies that will be presented in this course. The slides and transparencies present an outline of the lectures. These outlines are meant to help students follow the argument of the lectures, take further notes and review for examinations. They are not meant to be a substitute for the lectures. Because of the compressed nature of these notes, students will not find the material understandable without having attended the lectures. Nor will they find the readings very helpful in understanding these notes, since the lectures contain a great deal of original analysis and terminology that is not found in the readings.

Various changes in the content of the course will occur as a result of the development in my own ideas and in response to the questions and concerns of students. Thus I will undoubtedly be making some changes in the transparencies I present in the course of the semester. And I will not necessarily follow the order of the transparencies found here. Moreover, there will also be class discussions or lectures that are not outlined here. Students are responsible for knowing all of this material.

You will need a Web browser that supports frames to view this material. The collapse and expand buttons in the top left frame will collapse and expand the slide and transparency headings in the bottom left frame. Clicking on one of these heading will change the slide in the bottom right frame. The first, previous, next, and last buttons in the top right frame change the slides in the bottom right frame. The home button takes you to my home page. At the moment, the index button goes nowhere.

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