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Course Outline and Readings
Paper Instructions

Classes will consist of discussions of these issues based upon the readings and our own moral judgments. Thus it is necessary for students to attend class and do the readings prior to the class in which they will be discussed. Readings marked with an asterisk will be available in a course packet at Copywrite. Some other readings found in Tom L. Beauchamp and Terry P. Pinkard, eds. Ethics and Public Policy (abbreviated B&P below).

Students will have to write four short papers of 5 to 7 pages in length. Topics will be assigned one week prior to five different classes. (With the permission of the instructor, papers may be written on alternative topics associated with one of these four weeks.) Students will have to hand in papers in class on four of these weeks. Students will also have the option of rewriting one of their papers.

The grades for this class will be calculated according to the following criteria:

        Class Participation                    20%
        Four Papers                               20% each